Ga yanda zaku turawa CBN karar (Commercial Banks)I dan kukaga ana 'kokarin cin amanar ku.

Report any financial injustice , scam or problems from commercial to CBN Directly.

 The CBN expects the customer to direct his/her complaint to the bank/branch where the issue originated and then allow for a period of 2 weeks to a month, depending on the complaint to be resolved.

 If the bank fails to engage the customer or resolve the complaint within 2 weeks or 30 days as the case may be, then the complaint must be reported to the Consumer Protection Department (CPD) of the CBN. 

CBN's Consumer Protection Department's contact The CPD attends to all financial-related complaints against financial institutions including commercial banks, microfinance banks, discount houses, and primary mortgage institutions. 

The CPD can be contacted via the following channels:  


Phone call: +234 7002255226 

Customers can lodge a complaint directly on the CBN website via this link. Letter: 


Consumer Protection Department, 

Central Bank of Nigeria,

Central Business District, Abuja. 

Note: Your letter can be submitted at the CBN headquarters mentioned above or at any of its branches nationwide.

 How to write a concise and effective complaints letter to CBN The CBN recommends that your letter must be concise and direct, containing the following information:



Contact Phone Number & E-mail of the Complainant; 

Name of your Financial Institution; 

Personal banking details (Do NOT include PIN & Passwords, please;)

 History/Date of the transaction in dispute; Amount claimed (if any)

 Attach relevant documents to support your claim and; 

Evidence to show that you have first lodged the complaint at your bank.


The CBN does not give a timeline for which your complaint will be resolved, but it is believed this will be done within the most reasonably possible time. 

CBN will always protect you, and the Nigeria's economy, respectively.

Godbless NIGERIA🙏
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