The Black Market Dollar to Naira on June 27, 2023

Currency dealers in Lagos, Nigeria's Abuja Zone 4 market reported that one dollar was purchased for 760 and sold for 765 today, June 27, 2023. The Black Market Dollar to Naira is how much one dollar is worth today.

At the parallel market, also known as the black market, on Tuesday, June 27, 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria, the local currency (abokiFx) opened at N760 per $1, and it closed at N765 per $1. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that the rate of exchange fluctuates hourly.... It depends on the demand and the quantity of dollars available. It means that you can buy or sell one dollar at 800, and the price can rise or fall within hours (high or low).

The ongoing trading paces of USD on the informal equal market, otherwise called the underground market, for Agency De Change (BDC) administrators in Lagos and Abuja are given beneath.

Currency Exchange Rate 
USD to NGN 760 765 
GBP to NGN 900 920 
EUR to NGN 750 800 
CAD to NGN 560 600 
ZAR to NGN 31 38 
AED to NGN 180 200 
CNY to NGN 80 90 
GHS to NGN 40 55 
XOF to NGN 1050 1100 
XAF to NGN 920 950
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